Azucar (Revisit)

I LOVE Azucar. They have delicious desserts for good prices, the staff is always super friendly and in addition to fancy desserts their Cuban snacks and pastries plus coffee are on point.

Divina Cake - Vanilla Cake, Passionfruit Curd, Raspberries and Toasted Marshmallow Topping

Divina Cake – Vanilla Cake, Passionfruit Curd, Raspberries and Toasted Marshmallow Topping

I used to go to OB more often but now I rarely find an excuse to go. This time we were heading to Pizza Port and so obviously had to make an obligatory stop at Azucar, even though I was too full to eat dessert. Fortunately I could take these babies to go.

Azucar Cakes

Azucar Cakes

My favorite thing at Azucar are their mini cakes. Instead of buying a huge slice of cake you can buy little mini cakes (for $4 to $6 dollars). They are all complex and lovely with a lot of them showing a Cuban influence in the use of tropical fruits or dulce de leche. Some stand outs include the Divina (pictured here) with passion fruit and marshmallow, the cheese flan with coconut, the cinco leches cake, mango cheesecake, rum coconut cake….amongst so many.

The Divina cake is one I always get. I ADORE passion fruit, and this is the perfect combination as passion fruit’s tartness takes so well with super sweet foods like marshmallow or white chocolate. The Divina is a super moist vanilla cake filled with passion fruit curd, fresh raspberries and topped with toasted marshmallow. Amazing.

Divina Cake

The other cake I got was called the Havana I think. It is also vanilla cake (you can always see the black specks of real vanilla in their cakes, always a plus in my book). But this one is filled with a thick layer of dulce de leche and topped with vanilla frosting and crystallized sugar. Sweeter than the Divina and a little sweet for my taste but my sister loves it. This is for her which is why I left the plastic layer around it (sorreez). I was afraid that if I unraveled the plastic covering all that dulce de leche would just ooze out…For a picture sans plastic see my old post on Azucar here.

Havana Cake

If you want something simpler than a cake they also have fantastic pastries; scones (including a gluten free option), flaky pastries filled with guava and cheese, brownies, bars, cookies (try the Mojito cookie or the peanut-butter-white-chocolate Tiger cookie), caramels (dark chocolate with sea salt), muffins and even coconut almond granola. They also have some Cuban inspired salty snacks like croquettes and papa rellenos. As far as real food goes they have inventive sandwiches like the Cuban in Paris (brie, ginger spread, arugula, pears), Berto (serrano ham, manchego cheese, arugula, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil) and the Havana (oven roasted turkey breast, cream cheese, guava marmalade). And lastly the many coffee options are all great.

But I would definitely order a cake.

Just sayin’.


4820 Newport Avenue (Ocean Beach)
San Diego, CA 92107


2 thoughts on “Azucar (Revisit)

  1. Oh you take THE most beautiful pictures!! What camera do you use (tell me you use an iphone). I’ve heard of this place and have ALWAYS wanted to try it out. But I hate the drive to OB for some reason. Is there parking here? I think anything with toasted marshmallow is a success (I actually have to correct my own current blog post b/c I wrote bruleed marshmallow instead of toasted).

    The best passion fruit cake I’ve had so far is at Extraordinary Dessert. I think it’s their Passion fruit ricotta cake or something. But it’s oh so delicious. Have you tried it?

  2. Thanks Faye! I use a Nikon D3100 I bought refurbished…For the pictures at home anyways, all my poorly lit restaurant photography is my Iphone 4 haha.

    Agreed, the drive to OB is annoying, the parking there is annoying too but not impossible like downtown. And I love toasted marshmallow everything! I prefer it over frosting for sure.

    And I looove the passion fruit cake at Extraordinary!! Its what I always order. Whenever I go I try to pretend I will be adventurous and order something else…but if its there its all I want. Would probably always order passion fruit desserts over other desserts though 🙂

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