Hane Sushi

We live quite close to Hane and having heard the rave reviews and having constantly driven by their blue-lit restaurant at night we have always been meaning to try it for a while now. Well the day finally came and I have to say we were not disappointed. The restaurant itself is nice and sleek yet simple. I definitely thought it was trendier/fancier from the outside. We made reservations the day of and had no problem securing a table around 7 pm but I would recommend calling in and making a reservation as when we sat down there was a line of people waiting for tables.

Hane Sushi Interior

Hane Sushi Interior

The menu has a good mix of more classic authentic Japanese (sashimi, monkfish liver, hamachi kama…) as well as more fusion inspired rolls like their Diego roll with spicy tuna, cilantro and serranos; the Del Mar roll with seared kobe beef and seafood; and a Pizza roll. This is nice because it can cater to more traditionalist sushi lovers as well as people who are still warming up to the idea of raw fish.

DRINKS: We started off with a bottle of cloudy Nigori sake. They have a good selection of sake and this was quite affordable for $12. Cloudy sake is unfiltered so that there is still a cloud of the rice used to make the sake. This gives it a smooth, slightly sweet flavor which is very nice. I would almost say it gives it a hint of an horchata flavor if you will ๐Ÿ˜‰ Super easy to drink and pairs really well with sushi throughout the meal.

Nigori Sake

Nigori Sake

APPETIZERS: We were pleasantly surprised Hane has many interesting appetizers, from calamari to the kobe beef carpaccio. However to start with we got their Edamame that’s served with wedges of lime as well as a sea salt and a chili powder mixture for you to sprinkle on as desired. This was a great mix of flavors, vaguely Mexican-y but it worked quite well with the edamame. Sadly we did not remember to take a picture of this for you guys, but for $5 its a nice and cheap way to start off a meal.

ENTREES: For the entree we ordered two rolls and then a sushi meal. For the rolls we got the Pizza Roll that comes with krab and is topped with creamy spicy mayo and baked. This actually makes the rice on the outside the slightest bit crispy which was different but yummy.

Pizza roll

Pizza roll

The other roll we ordered was a Crunch Roll this was a California roll that was topped with the crunchy bits that normally come with crunch rolls. Its such an easy to like roll, highly recommend this to anyone that is just starting to try sushi.

Crunch roll

Crunch roll

They have two sushi combos and we got the larger one ($37) which came with miso, assorted sushi (salmon, tuna, uni, mackerel, yellowtail, squid, eel, salmon roe…two other ones) and a daikon and shiso leaf cut roll as well as a tuna and shiso leaf roll. I am not a huge fan of uni (sea urchin) so I asked to switch that one out for ankimo (monkfish liver). I know monkfish liver sounds weird but if you like foie gras its very similar to foie gras, it definitely has the creamy consistency of foie gras but not the strong taste. And its not fishy at all. I would highly recommend this one, especially if you’ve been missing the foie ever since its been banned in California.

Sushi Combo

Sushi Combo

The sushi combo was quite good. And even though it is a bit pricey, considering its sushi and how much you’re getting I did not think the price was outrageous. My favorites were the ankimo and the mackerel.

Overall we had a good experience at Hane. The service was good and though maybe not world class sushi its definitely pretty good for San Diego. Will return here, although we are sad that they don’t have a happy hour…

Edamame $5
Sake $12
Pizza Roll $10
Crunch Roll $10
Sushi Combo $37
TOTAL: $79.92 (w/tax)

Hane Sushi

2760 5th Ave #105, San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 260-1411

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7 thoughts on “Hane Sushi

  1. My husband’s office is very close to Hane and a place we used to live at was seriously around the corner but I have personally never been in, although he goes there every now and then on lunch meetings. I ran by there today, though ๐Ÿ™‚

    I haven’t been out for sushi in years. We always used to go to Ono but that’s gone. Do you have any other fave spots? There’s a place off the 5 sort of in Old Town that we were at once years ago with friends – and it was packed! but very good. And have been to a few places downtown – again, years ago. $80 dollar dinners are hard to swing frequently ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes Hane was definitely a treat (it was my birthday dinner!) but I think the place in Old Town is Sushi Takodoro which we’ve never been too but have heard great things about! Sushi Ota in PB is reallyy good, same owners as Hane and around the same price. In a lower price point Azuki Sushi in Banker’s Hill and Sushi Mura in Point Loma are good places as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Seriously I looove sushi and all kinds of raw things (e.g. monkfish liver) and I always have a hard time getting people to go with me! Luckily I got to pick the restaurant since it was my birthday dinner. Yay for using your special day to impose your will on others ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Is Hane the sister restaurant to Sushi Ota? It sounds so familiar. The food looks really good and if it’s your bday dinner (happy belated btw!) then who cares if the check was a bit expensive ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It is the sister restaurant of Sushi Ota! I think Hane is a little less traditional than Ota. And yes definitely agree with your line of thought, especially when other people are paying for your birthday dinners! ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha

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